Trusted, Secure, Affordable SSL

Low cost SSL/TLS by AffirmTrust doesn’t skimp on security.  Get trusted SSL/TLS certificates that are affordable including: Extended Validation (EV), Organization Validation (OV), UC/SANs, and Wildcard certificates. Plus, you get a management console to stay on top of it all.

Google encourages domain owners to protect every page on their website with SSL/TLS certificates by rewarding those websites that do with higher search rankings.  Secure your website now with HTTPS – the anticipated Google Chrome 56 promises to issue clear warnings to visitors on sites requesting credit card information and/or passwords that are not secure.  AffirmTrust makes moving to Always-on SSL/TLS a no-brainer assuring visitors that your entire website is secure – every page, every hour of the day.

Choose AffirmTrust for Always-on SSL/TLS because protecting your customer’s information shouldn’t break the bank.  AffirmTrust is recognized globally as a trusted Certification Authority (CA) so you can be sure your websites—and your customers’ transactions are protected.  Learn more.

Why AffirmTrust SSL

  • Trusted CA

  • Quick verification

  • Partner friendly

  • Hands-on Enablement

  • 99% browser compatibility

  • Management console

  • Onboarding support

  • Growth-oriented