How to View SSL/TLS Certificate Details in Chrome 56 (and newer)

Article Number: 000070635

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Starting in Chrome 56, you will no longer be able to see details about a website’s SSL/TLS certificate by clicking on the padlock icon in the address bar.

This change is being made as part of Chrome’s campaign to simplify their security UI/UX and tailor it for a more mainstream audience that does not know what SSL/TLS certificates, Certificate Authorities, or key signature algorithms are.

For the power-users and developers who do want to see details about their HTTPS connection and the site’s SSL/TLS certificate, you will need to go to the Security tab in Developer Tools. Here’s how to do it.

1. Open Chrome Developer Tools

The quickest way there is with a keyboard shortcut:

OS Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows and Linux Ctrl + Shift + i F12
Mac ? + Option + i  

You can also get to Chrome’s Developer Tools by opening the Chrome menu (?) then by going to More Tools -> Developer Tools.

2. Select the Security tab. If it is not shown, select the >> as shown below.

3. Select View Certificate.

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