How to modify SSL/TLS certificate properties in Microsoft Management Console (MMC)

Article Number: 000070647

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1. Open Micosoft Management Console

   i. Go to Run > Command Prompt > MMC

2. In the console tree under the logical store that contains the certificate you wish to modify, click Certificates.

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3. Go to Personal > Certificates and select the certificate you wish to modify.

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4. On the Actions pane, select More Actions > Properties.

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5. Here, you may make your desired changes to the certificate configuration. All potential changes you may make are listed below.

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a. To change the certificate display name, in Friendly name, type the new name.

b. To change the certificate description, in Description, type the new description.

c. The default key usage setting will be Enable all purposes for this certificate.

d. To disable key usage settings, for which the purpose(s) are displayed in the certificate properties, select Disable all purposes for this certificate.

e. In order to set a specific purpose for the certificate, select Enable only the following purposes and select and/or deselect the appropriate boxes. Note you are limited to the purposes provided on that list.

f. To modify cross-certificate properties, go to the Cross-Certificates tab and select Specificy additonal Cross-Certificate download locations end enter the URL where the cross-certificate can be obtained and click Add URL.

Click OK to accept any/all changes made.

Please note that modifying your SSL/TLS certificate serves a very limited purpose as all SSL/TLS certificates issued by Certification Authorized are pre-configured for specific purpose(s). This process may therefore only be useful for limited purposes.

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