How to revoke a certificate using Deep Security for Web Apps

Article Number: 000070671

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1. In the Deep Security for Web Apps console, go to Certificates.

2. On the Certificates sub-tab, click the Common Name of the certificate that you want to revoke.

3. Check the information on the Details page to make sure you have selected the correct certificate.

4. Click Revoke.

5. On the Revoke Certificate page, select the reason why you are revoking the certificate:

  • The information in the certificate is incorrect or inaccurate
  • There has been a material change in the information contained in the certificate
  • The private key associated with the Public Key listed in the certificate has been stolen or compromised
  • There has been a change in the ownership of my web server
  • The original Certificate Request was not authorized
  • Other reason. If you select this option, enter the details in the text box.

6. Click Revoke.

7. A message appears, stating that the procedure cannot be reversed. Click Yes to proceed.On the Certificates tab, the certificate has the status of “Revoked”.

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