What is the difference between DV, OV, and EV certificates?

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Domain Validated (DV) SSL
Organization Validated (OV) SSL
Extended Validation (EV) SSL

Domain Validated (DV) SSL

Where the CA only checks the right of the applicant to use a specific domain name via an email challenge. No company information is checked and therefore company information is not displayed within the certificate. Although this means that issuance time is fast (often in minutes), this is a very low value certificate and is the topic of much debate in the industry—some members of the CA/Browser Forum believe that this type of SSL certificate should not be allowed due to the fact it delivers a false sense of security. Trend Micro Web App Security does not issue DV certificates.

Organization Validated (OV) SSL

Provides a basic level of vetting of an organization before issuance of a trusted SSL/TLS certificate. Issuing CAs check the right of the applicant to use the specified domain name and also check into the existence of the organization itself. This vetted company information is displayed to customers when viewing the certificate details, giving more visibility into the organization behind the site. Much more secure than a DV certificate, issuance of an OV certificate can often take days due to the requirement to vet the organization.

Extended Validation (EV)

Delivers the highest level of consumer trust through the strictest authentication standards of any SSL certificate. Extended Validation verification guidelines, created by an independent body, require issuing CAs to obtain and verify multiple pieces of identifying information about the Organization and Organizational Contact listed in the enrollment. EV Certificates enable consumers to easily understand that they are on the correct web site through visual cues, including the very obvious green bar that shows up in the browser. For Extended Validation vetting guidlines, refer to the following CA/Browser Forum topic: Overview of the Extended Validation SSL Certificate Vetting Process.

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