Which countries are restricted from receiving AffirmTrust SSL certificates due to export restrictions?

Article Number: 000070636

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AffirmTrust may not issue certificates for orders originating or destined for the following restricted countries:

 Country Name  Country Code:
 Afghanistan  AF
 Belarus  BY
Central African Republic  CF
 Côte d'Ivoire  CI
 Cuba  CU
 Democratic Republic of Congo  CD
 Democratic People's Republic of korea (North Korea)  KP
 Eritrea  ER
 Guinea  GN
 Guinea-Bissau  GW
 Iran  IR
 Iraq  IQ
 Lebanon  LB
 Libya  LY
 Liberia  LR
 Myanmar  MM
 Pakistan  PK
 Russia  RU
 Somalia  SO
 South Sudan  SS
 Syria  SY
 Sudan  SD
 Tunisia  TN
 Ukraine  UA
 Yemen  YE
 Zimbabwe  ZW

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Sunday 8PM ET to Friday 8PM ET
[email protected]