In case you haven’t heard, Trend Micro SSL was acquired by Entrust Datacard.  As of January 2016, we transitioned the Trend Micro SSL operations to AffirmTrust, the new brand created by Entrust Datacard.

The transition was seamless – meaning there was no interruption to existing certificates during the transition.

Here’s what’s different:

AffirmTrust Portal

  • The portal can now be accessed from this web address, Please update your bookmarks accordingly.  Use your existing User Name and Password to log in.
  • Deep Security for Web Apps will continue to be supported by Trend Micro. Customers can use their website scanning tools by accessing the old Trend Micro portal.
  • Customers with automated domain or account confirmation that were not completed prior to the relocation were sent confirmation emails with new click-through links. Use those links to complete the process.


  • The branding has changed to AffirmTrust. This is primarily a UI color scheme change, but the functionality and flow did not change.
  • The site seal has changed to our new AffirmTrust version, (insert image).

Although customers have automatically received the new site seal, the scrips should updated on their website, which is available in the portal. Switching to the new script improves the site seal loading time.

New Certificate Chain

  • AffirmTrust is the new issuing CA for end-entity certificates. Please ensure that the complete certificate chain is installed on your web server to ensure proper operation.

New Contacts

  • You will find access to support, our knowledge base, the portal and product information on our new website,
  • Please direct all inquiries accordingly:
    – Support – [email protected]
    – Sales, including all new sales, renewal and license extension questions – [email protected]
    – Verification questions such as adding new domains or organizations to your account – [email protected]

We look forward to working with you to ensure your SSL needs are fully addressed.